High Series-Men
    Justen Steffens..854..3/29/18
High Series-Women
    Emile Young..780..1/29/2018
High Series-Youth
    Brandon Brawdy..779..2014
First 300 at Logan Lanes
    Dale Johnston..11/19/1972
First 300-Woman
    Ashley O'Neill..9/20/2009
First 300-Youth
    Brandon Brawdy..1/30/2010
Oldest to throw a 300
    Willie Simpson..77..3/1/2007
Youngest to throw a 300
    Brandon Brawdy..15..1/30/10
Leo Evelhoch
David P Gissler
Tim Gissler
Gene Kattner
Richard "Dick" Maurer
Charles "Leo" O'Neill
Mike O'Neill
Mike Robinson
James Sarles
Jack Steffens

Hall of Fame

House Records

2020 High scores
Blane Stagnolia..279..1/11/2020
Gary Stoltzenburg..300..1/16/2020
Ashley O'Neill..729 series..1/21/2020
       5th highest all-time ladies series !!
Ryan Steffens..300..1/23/2020
Chris O'Neill..290..2/26/2020
Brandon Brawdy..299..3/1/2020
Colby Leith..300..3/11/2020
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